you need
  • - tissue;
  • - sintepon;
  • - fastener;
  • - paper flizofiks.
Select fabric for toys pillows.Soft, particularly pleasant to the touch and interesting-looking toy obtained from plush, fleece, faux fur, velvet, corduroy, velor.Cutting of the selected material for the two large oval front and back cushions.Then fabricate for the ears of four oval or triangle, depending on what kind of animal you want to sew.Also make two parts of the front and hind legs.
Pattern nose and eyes impose on flizofiks.This double-sided adhesive pad will make the appliqué as clear and accurate.Cut pieces flizofiksa with attached patterns (at this stage, to comply with the outlines optional).Xpress adhesive gasket with a cloth with hot iron.
Then carefully cut out the nose and eyes on the contours and remove the paper from the material.Zigzag stitch scribbled appliqué on the front oval advance outlining the locations of the eyes and nose.Roth also sew zigzag sewing machine.
Treat all parts of the head edge zigzag stitch.Put together face inside parts of the ears and paws.In addition, for the inner side of each ear, use a bright cotton cloth.At the base of each limb and ear incision, leave open.Remove and sew them to the base.
Tuck the edge of the back half of the inside once by 7.5 mm, and the second - by 20 mm.Stitch seam allowance so that the middle remained nezashitym section of 20 cm, it is necessary for Velcro.
Both halves fold the front side and sew.Remove the cushion cover.Fold the front and back panels inner cushion inside the face and stitch, leaving a small cut.Remove the pillow through the hole and tamp synthetic padding.Sew a seam hiding hole by hand.
Sew incision and insert the pillow cover.If necessary, cover can be washed.