Different wool has a different texture, and before you start spinning, any wool need to prepare in advance.Dry thoroughly wool loop through, remove debris and splinters.After removing debris comb wool , using special brushes for combing not spun wool.
Comb future yarn in small portions, gradually unraveling the tangled and intricate pieces.After wool is combed several times, start the spinning process, using long spindle.
left hand dial the total weight of a small lump of combed wool, and his right hand pull out of the coma small section of 10x4 cm. At the bottom press a lock of his left hand and right hand twist it clockwise to formthin cord.
not overtighten tow, handle it carefully so as not to break the lock.Twist the lock as long until you realize that the degree of twist is already strong enough.Twisted string tie at the lower end of the spindle, and then hold the base of the twisted yarn, pull out of the coma tow another strand of the same width and length as the first.
Hold it at the base of the fingers, and take the right hand spindle and put it at a slight angle to the work surface.Rotate the spindle clockwise, keeping the upper tip.Rotation should be smooth and uniform.Turn the spindle until the new lock will not spin as fast as the first.
spun yarn wound on the middle portion of the spindle.Continue pulling the tow of new strands and twist them, rotating spindle, and when the tow is finished, take the new ball and apply a new strand of the old, a little tweak.
wrapped spindle sufficient quantity of finished yarn, remove the thread and rewind them into a ball.