you need
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - fabric, sewing accessories.
Depending on the design of the room to decide how should look the veil that you want to sew.For example, it can be as simple as a blanket, and perhaps three-layer.For the bedroom, you can make a bedspread with ruffles, and child will look great blanket sewn from scraps.
To make the pattern, measure the size of the bed, do your liking allowance for stacking (eg, the width of this can be 5 cm, and length - 15-20 cm) and 3 cm at the seams.To the top of the blankets can use different fabrics such as silk, organza, satin.
to make the most simple variant covers - Cut a rectangle of fabric required size.After that, around the perimeter of the bedspread to sew braid
.It is worth noting that the novice needle women it's best to work with monochrome cotton cloth.
If you want to sew a veil frills, then you can make it from one layer of fabric, or it can be a multi-layer (for example, the lower layer can be used tulle fabric, and the top layer is made of the underlying tissue).In width frill should be cut on the height of the bed (you can make it to the floor, as you can and above), and its length should be 3 times the length of the perimeter of the bed without a headboard.If frill will not be collected, and with folds, its length should be calculated, taking into account the number and depth of wrinkles.
Then baste the frill to the canvas, then prostrochite with tape, ruffles and base web.Wrap the tape around the seams and Stitch.This does not necessarily make a frill fabric.For example, this can also be used lace (you can buy ready-made, but you can link it to a hook) or fringe.
When the foundation covers ready, you can start decorating it.At the request can sew applique him or decorate with embroidery, openwork.Can make bright decorative stitches, such as lines or colors.You can also sew a bedspread prepared beforehand fabric flowers.To make them, you need to take a strip of cloth, folded in half with the wrong side and sew.Then turn and collect the same side of the circle.