you need
  • - quality cotton, or cotton in the amount of half a meter (with a width of 150 cm) and one meter (with a width of 80 cm);
  • - sewing supplies.
If you can not draw your own pattern, use any of the finished pattern of men's underwear classic style.The main thing, just remove the measurements and, if necessary, adjust the pattern under the required size.
Fold the fabric in half and apply a pattern to it, fixing needles or special weights.If you do not want to do a side seam on pants, combine half of the side sections.Podtochennaya chalk circle pattern on the contours and then circle a second time in view of seam allowance.After cutting you should get
two symmetrical halves (left and right leg).
SEWING cowards follow zaposhivochnym seam.Begins processing step seam, the one which is located on the inner thigh.To do this, fold the inside face one piece leg (right or left), thus combining the two sections (steps) parts.Release of 6-8 mm slice layer lower and start scribbling on the edge of the upper layer of calico on the width of 5 mm (width of the foot).
now lay detail on a plane in one layer and go around the lower section of the upper protruding cut.Scribbled on his fold at a distance of 2 mm.Zaposhivochny seam is easy to perform.But before you undertake SEWING cowards, practice on the fabric, the seam was smooth and did not require alteration.
treated so both halves of the joint, you will get two separate leg pants.Connect them by middle seam.Remove one leg facing outward and insert it into the second leg, just to combine all slices.Middle seam is also desirable to perform zaposhivochnym seam.
stitched top and bottom of the pant podgibochnym suture having a closed section.The upper section must be treated so as to leave holes for threading elastic bands.In this way, you can make not only cowards , but ordinary shorts, further providing pockets and inserting wider gum.