Tip 1: How to embroider French knot

French knots are great for embroidery seemed bulk.They can be embroidered wool lamb midway colors, facial features and clothing items.Oddly enough, this kind of embroidery appeared not in France.Just one moment in this country were handmade products from China.French needle women liked the unusual seam, and they tried to repeat it.They succeeded.True French bundle is somewhat different from the Chinese.
you need
  • - fine embroidery needle;
  • - tissue;
  • - canvas;
  • - thread floss.
needles of the finest seam take what can only choose.Of course, it should be thus with a wide eye.Beautifully looks only neat French knots, and the choice of tools and material depends very much.Thread the string floss in addition 1-2.
Secure thread in the same way as you do it always.If you combine this with embroidery or cross stitch, working fasten thread a few stitches, which then close the main embroidery.When the pattern alone a couple of times by the French knots wind it around a thread bas
e.In principle, the implementation of this embroidery is permissible to tie the knot , as in sewing.But it does not look very nice.Drum thread should be in the direction away from you.Display the string on the front side should be as close as possible to the place where it will bundle .
Taking a needle in your right hand, pull the thread a little bit left to the side and pull it slightly.Wrap the working yarn around the needle 1-2 times.Chinese knot must be one turn, the French - and with one and two.
Pierce needle tissue near the place where you were taken out of her on the front side.Since the nodules must be sufficiently small, can not skip over one yarn fabric.Hold your thumb and index finger wound coils, neatly print the thread on the wrong side.Keep bundle not raspolzsya.

Tip 2: How to make French knots

French nodules are types of embroidery, which, despite their name, were not invented in France.They are known under the name "French" in the Western world, because it needlewoman French were the first in Europe who have expressed strong interest in them.This was at a time when China became a permanent exchange of commodities is adjusted.These nodular embroidery needlewoman seen on various items of clothing, brought it from China and tried to repeat the unusual technique.
How to make French knots
Repeating Chinese embroidery, European needlewoman gave nodules the features that have been preserved to this day: performing French knot, you need to wrap the thread around the needle is at least two times.In weaving Chinese knots enough to do it only once.
main function is decorative French knots.They are adjusted, as a rule, the finished embroidery to a perfect image.For example, the core embroidered flowers (after the French knots just perfect for the creation of stamens), cherries, rose buds, small flowers.Or stitch enough fine details such as facial features, moles or eyes.Or other elements - lamb's wool, polka dots on her dress, curls angel.In fact, this form of embroidery laid considerable potential, which opens any patient embroiderers.With only one French knot can be made great paintings or charming items for the home - lampshades, needle bed, pillows, jewelry - rings, brooches, hair clips.
Prepare fabric needle and thread embroidery.
fasten thread on the wrong side of the fabric, and then pull it to the right side.
As can be closer to the tissue wrap the thread around the needle twice (away from you), and the tight pull the thread itself.
Needle near the lower portion of the fabric, where the thread came to the surface.
then pull the thread to the wrong side, carefully pulling her to get a bundle not crumbled.
Nothing complicated at first glance, the technique is absolutely clear.However, there are some secrets that will help you to do such work more efficiently.Firstly, both hands must be free to manipulate.Therefore it is better to enter into the tissue site, which is designed for embroidery in the hoop.Secondly, this fabric has to be very well stretched and that the thread, which you wrap the needle.Third, when you enter the needle back into the fabric, try to make it closer to the first opening, from where the thread exits.
when the output string to the wrong side, careful not to pull it.Lace can fall behind her, and then everything will have to unpick.

If you use this as a decorative seam, and the rest of the embroidery, etc. This is done with a cross, with the front of the needle type, where is the center of the cross.
Helpful Hint
The French knots can carry the whole picture, just like a dagger, polukrestikom and embroidery.In this work gives a very interesting and unusual texture.
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