you need
  • - denim
  • - canvas size tissue
  • - thread floss
  • - a needle with a wide eye
  • - hoop
  • - scheme embroidery
Prepare embroidery scheme.Cross stitch without suffering pattern on the fabric, so that all preliminary operations done on paper.Measure the square canvas.Raschertite image into squares with a side equal to the length and width of the future cross.
Otgladte cloth.Cut a piece of canvas, equal to the size of the tissue.Baste the fabric of the cloth.Insert the fabric and canvas in pyaltsy.Pri no need to prepare a canvas cloth.Weft pull one thread.Count on it 3-4 thread and pull another one.Thus, at regular intervals pull thread along the entire length of the flap.Similarly, pull the warp thread.You get a piece of cloth, marked up into squares.Then iron the fabric and
insert it into the hoop.
Thread the needle to thread floss in addition 2-3.Decide on the canvas or prepared tissue box, from which you will start to embroider.Enter the needle in its lower left corner from the wrong to the right side.Pull the thread, leaving the tail on the wrong side.The tail must be adhered to.On the front side, enter the needle in the top right corner of the same square.Stitch is supposed to be tight, but not tight.Next make a stitch from the bottom left corner of the second horizontal squares and just graduated in the top right corner.
Thus go the floor cross number to the end or to switch to another color.Turn the figure so that in front of you was back out front.The second row also embroider floor cross from bottom left to top right.Perform each series in two stages allows you to make a smooth seam.
learning to embroider a simple cross , try to learn Bulgarian.It is also called a double.He performed in four stages.Please keep a thread from bottom left square to the upper right, then from top left - in the lower right.Then do the same box has two stitches - the middle of the left side of the middle and right from the middle of the lower side to the upper middle.This cross looks good, if the squares are quite large.