you need
  • Woolen yarn, two knitting needles
Move the tip of the right spokes of the index finger of his left hand under the working thread.As a result, a loop - nakida related method called "self."When knitting some openwork patterns required to make several nakida simultaneously.This technique is called coils or double nakida.
Turn clockwise to the right needle thread work and grab the top left to right.As a result, it turned nakida associated method "by themselves."
Tie a loop "hole" - is opening to the buttons.Make nakida in the place where there should be a loop.And in the following order to reset it to the spokes, not pro
Select the second method of knitting the loop "hole" if he will seem more comfortable.Make nakida from the wrong side, and the next two loops along the front provyazyvaem.Then knit in pattern.