you need
  • For option 1:
  • - tissue;
  • - strong thread;
  • - paints for painting on fabric;
  • - bristle brush;
  • - cans of paint for breeding;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - hair dryer
  • for 2 options:
  • - thin fabric, such as silk;
  • - paints for painting on fabric;
  • - brushes;
  • - wooden frame;
  • - reserve - part of limiting the spreading of ink on the cloth;
  • - tube for applying a reserve or a pipette;
  • - soft pencil;
  • - palette
most commonly used 2 options batik.To change things, first prepare a white background.Pour into a jar or a glass of water, add a small amount of paint to mix.Paint the resulting solution fabric .Leave the item to dry completely.
then randomly colored fold cloth .In different places make things tight knots and tie them with string, or other strong thread.
Now all completely wet cloth with water,
wring it out well.Brushes apply paint other colors on wet sites.It is best to choose shades darker color than the background.You can also try to make Kohler - mix any color paint.
Once you have finished painting, let things dry completely.To do this, you can use a hairdryer.Then gently remove the knots, the thread that you tied fabric .These places will NOT, due to what the thing will have a unique pattern.To fix paint on fabric, iron the thing with the wrong side of the iron.
Try also another way of painting on fabric.Especially this kind of approach to create batik silk scarves, shawls.Select the picture you want to view on the fabric.
fabric pins to attach the wooden frame.Make sure that the material is uniformly tensioned.
Place a picture under the fabric and draw around it with a pencil on the front side of things.Contour should be barely noticeable.
Then, using a pipette or special tubes put a reserve on the contour drawing.Contours image slowly to vehicle passed through the fiber material and no more streaks.The contour must be closed, otherwise the paint will flow.
Now in a palette or a jar of paint dilute with water.Not to paint the whole picture at once, and parts to paint on fabric blended.
first Paint small parts (petals, stamens of a flower).Dry the fabric hairdryer.
Moisten with water the other details of the picture, using a brush larger.Then paint the these areas.Again dry them hairdryer.Then continue with the rest of the image.
Once you have finished applying the paint, let the fabric dry, then remove it from the frame and iron iron on the reverse side.