Tip 1: How to make a picture with their hands

It is not necessary to decorate the interior of the room to buy ready-made paintings in a stretcher, to be able to draw them in oils, pencil and gouache.Image creative person can create with their hands in the form of embroidery, panels, decoupage, applications.
make an original modular picture poster with your own hands.Typically, these pictures are written on their own artistic paints on natural canvas, but you simplify this step by applying direct printing to any printer on natural materials.You can print your favorite image on a large-sized laminated paper in design offices.
Cut the finished painting with the same or different parts.Put each piece into a stretcher and place the pieces of a picture on the wall next to each other so that the picture looked solid.The peculiarity of this separation of the picture into segments that even the most ordinary image in this case is particularly expressive.
Embroider future painting on cloth, canvas.Depending on your abi
lities to the embroidery, you can embroider intricate patterns or very simple, consisting, for example, from the stalks of plants and colorful buds on them.Embroidery-picture put in wooden or plastic frame, to the open frame in vintage style, or simply leave the picture on the hoop, hanging crafts for them on the wall.
Combine embroidery applique.Take a basis for any subject of the picture.Cut scraps of colored fabric details liked the picture and attach them with glue for decoupage, or on the textile fabric to get the original picture.Complement the image of embroidery.Get the picture enclosed in a frame and hang on the wall or put on the shelf.
Try to create a picture collage.Make such a product can be on a piece of drawing paper.In a paste clippings from color magazines, favorite photos, cards of various sizes.Then, on the edges of collage thin wooden slats nailed and secured a collage on the wall.You can make a picture collage on a piece of cork board.To her the details of the future picture can not stick, and attach decorative studs.
picture can be created from any of the materials at hand.For example, the stick on a flat surface drawing paper, canvas or cork covering various materials at hand, laying out their designs, pictures, themes.Use these goals beads, buttons, beads, pieces of satin, coffee beans, colored cereals and other substances and objects.

Tip 2: How to make 3D glasses with their hands

Three-dimensional images were used even before the first films in 3D format.Today, 3D images are at the peak of his popularity.All three-dimensional images are divided into several types depending on the method of image transmission.The use of circular-polarized glasses gives you the opportunity to enjoy watching your favorite movies in 3D format.These glasses can you do with your hands.
How to make 3D glasses with their hands
you need
  • - points that you no longer use;
  • - the front cover of the music discs;
  • - thin and transparent plastic;
  • - scissors;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - markers of alcohol-based blue and red;
  • - handle (optional).
Put the lid on the music CD into the hot water.It is necessary to soften the material and to prevent breakage when cutting.After some time, remove the lid.Picking up the scissors, cut the plastic shape similar to two ovals connected with each other by a jumper.Sandpaper can help you get rid of burrs that have appeared in the process of cutting.
next step will be even painting your home-made 3D glasses.Blue paint marker right oval red - left.Take care that the paint would lay down more evenly, you can use an alcohol bar.It needs to pull out of the marker and the squeeze on the plastic surface.
To dye is completely evaporated and dried the surface points, you'll need to be patient and wait for some time.If you wish to make the finished design is more convenient to use, attach the handle.As a result, your self-made 3D glasses will remind a monocle.
course, glasses, made with his own hands, will be different from the factory.However, that design, you get a result, will give you the opportunity to enjoy three-dimensional effect while watching a movie.Your home-made 3D glasses are ready, enjoy!
It should be noted that the points that you made with your own hands can not be used to view 3D TVs today.For them need special shutter model.
Helpful Hint
As usual, you can use plastic badge.