you need
  • - setting Java
  • - program Game Booster
  • - Fashion OptiFine
If you have seen the above problems with the fps (frames per second- it is in many cases "guilty" to hang your favorite games), pay attention to the first setting Java.Often, even the owners of very powerful computers in the incorrect operation of the software platform are faced with numerous lags in Minecraft.Sometimes the catch is that the driver does not match your bit Windows.Right-click on "My Computer", select the tab "Properties" and find out a 32- or 64-bit system you have.Remove this parameter is not appropriate drivers and install appropria
te to him.
If it turns out that the problem is not quite that: The software is suitable for bit Windows, and fps in "Maynkraft" still far from normal, - check that there is enough memory allocated for Java.Go to the control panel of the software follows.When you have XP - With a drive through the conductor, and in Windows 7 - the control panel (via the start menu of the computer).Open the control panel Java, it - the same name tab there press View.In the window that appears to be only one line.If several of them, remove the Java and set it to a more modern version.
Now again the same way, go to the control panel above the software platform and a blank line with the Runtime Parameters enter the desired performance of RAM.They depend on the total amount of RAM in the computer.If he, for example, is 4 GB, enter the following values: -Xms1024M -Xmx3072M.The first digit corresponds to the minimum amount of "RAM", and the second - under the most eye-catching game.However, the above values ​​will be useful to you if you have a 64-bit Windows.When all 32 bits, specify the -Xmx no more than 1 gigabyte (for example, 972M).
After all of the above changes, click OK, and then - on Apply.After that Minecraft you have to make much faster and without lags.However, if any changes in the plan will not happen, try to establish a special program - Game Booster.It produces defragment game files and folders, disable unnecessary applications and clean memory, freeing up its hitherto not involved volume and thereby helping to increase fps.In addition, it automatically searches and updates needed for speedy operation of gaming software drivers.
Take special mod OptiFine to significantly increase the performance of the game.Install it in any suitable manner for its version (for example, 1.6.2_S4 Cast and higher contents of the archive to the above plug in your mods Minecraft Forge).Adjust the distance in the game menu rendering image, the level of anti-aliasing lighting techniques download chunks and a number of other graphics formats.Now, when you go to the gameplay, it is you will be hated without lags.