you need
  • - software emulator drive of Alcohol 120%;
  • - program Nero Burning Rom;
  • - free space on your hard disk.
Add ISO-image in Alcohol 120%.Press Ctrl + O or Ins or select "File" and "Open" menu.You will see a file selection dialog.Go to the directory with the image, select it and click "Open."
Mount the image in a virtual drive.Right-click on an item in the list of images.Highlight "Install on device", and then the item corresponding to the required drive, in the context menu.
Copy all the files and folders from an image to a temporary directory on your computer.Use File Manager or Explorer.
create on the hard disk to a temporary directory.Open it in one of the panels file manager or Explorer window.In another Explorer window or pane file manager, open the root directory of the virtual drive, which is mounted image.Select all the contents of the image.Copy it to a temporary folder.
Delete or archive the part of the file in the temporary directory.If you change the contents of the image is acceptable, consider reducing the amount of direct information by deleting files, or compress them.Carry out the necessary actions with the files extracted from the image to the disk.
Start Nero Burning Rom and create a new project.Press Ctrl + N, or use the clause "Create" menu "File".Select the type of project in the displayed dialog.It should follow the format of the original image.Click "New".
included in the draft all information from the temporary directory.In the file manager, open Nero temporary directory.Select the contents by pressing Ctrl + A.Use the mouse to move the selected content to the project window.
Set the target device for recording a virtual recorder Nero.Click on the list in the toolbar.Click on item Image Recorder.
Begin the process of creating a new image.Press Ctrl + B or click "Save" in the toolbar.Click "Burn" in the dialog that appears.
create a new image that contains the data from the original image.Specify the name of the new image and the folder to save it in the dialogue "Save image file", select the data storage format ISO.Click "Save".
Wait for recording an image file.Statistical information about the recording process will be displayed in the current window.