To score it stronger, make the wire frame.Three thick wire bend in half and then intertwined.The top "processes", spread apart and bend like the branches of a tree .
Roll the polymer clay brown the layer thickness of 1-1.5 cm. Its height should be equal to the height of the trunk.Wrap the trunk and carefully seal the plastic of the abutment.Try to repeat the form of irregularities on the frame - it will help to simulate the real shape of the trunk.So did the branches of a tree .
Work through invoice tree carefully.Crumple a piece of paper in his hands.Then flatten it and attach to the trunk - it is printed irregularities and "crack."Toothpick or a match on the workpiece draw furrow
s on this crust.Find online photo tree and try to repeat the typical pattern of its bark.
Wait for the complete drying of the plastic workpiece or bake in the oven (read the instructions on the packaging of processed plastics).Thereafter, it can be colored to enhance the affinity with wood.Choose to paint acrylic paint - it can help to easily find the right hue, it is resistant to moisture and dries quickly.
Mix palette of brown shade slightly darker tone than the color of plastic.Dip into the paint a small piece of foam sponge repeatedly attach it to the paper to remove excess.Then lightly apply the paint in place of grooves on the surface of wood .Stains should be soft, with no clear boundaries.
Then select lighter than the foundation shade of brown.Dip into a dry brush with hard bristles, eg bristle.Make it a few strokes on paper.Brush should remain semi-dry.Spend on the brush along the trunks and branches, leaving a crust on the surface of light strokes - they give an artificial tree complex but natural shade.Once the paint is dry, the product may be coated with a matte varnish.