you need
  • - knife;
  • - vine.
for weaving vines often used willow, growing in damp places near the marsh and along the banks of reservoirs.It is flexible enough wood, so it is perfect for weaving.The rods should be long (30-150 cm) and thin.Trim sprouts aged not more than one year and no branches.Try to break the rod in the middle, if it remained intact - boldly take.
After cutting twigs, peel them from the cortex.To do this, twist the circles and place them in the pan, the middle of this should remain empty.Pour boiling water (water should cover the bars of one to two centimeters) and put on the fire, leave for half an hour.Remove the pan from the heat and leave the rods in the water for forty minutes now proceed to clean the bar
k come easily.
To learn how to weave a basket, you must master the ways of sealing the board and various kinds of weaving.Simple weave is most common, in some cases, it is performed by two or three rows (to accelerate the process).It performs all easily and quickly, but there is one "but" - the strength of the weave is low.
Variety simple weaving - weaving inclined rows.Alternate rows of rods of different colors, so you'll get the decorative expressiveness and extraordinary beauty.Weaving rope used in cases where it is necessary to obtain a strength in portions of the basket.
Weave staggered mainly used with decorative purposes.The bars of the two colors you selected Lay turn (as in the simple weaving), but not through a riser, and just two.From the bead seal it depends not only beauty, but also the strength of the basket.The quickest and easiest way - sealing in one standing rod.Get a first rod of the second, the second for the third and so on.Weave a side plait take more time, but will give a basket of unusual beauty and expressiveness.