What pumpkin is suitable?

For making different crafts are suitable only two species of this plant.They are well known to gardeners.Called the pumpkin and gourd kukurbita.Lagenarii quite hard rind, which attracts the attention of masters of arts and crafts.Just shot lagenariya is usually green, but then gets a nice brown or yellow-brown color.In kukurbity peel soft.Outwardly, it hardly differs from the gourd, used to make salads or pancakes.From other pumpkins kukurbita different bizarre, and sometimes even elegant forms.
Kukurbita is green, yellow or golden.However, after drying, it often becomes faded.

It all starts in the garden Pumpkins

of both species are very important to collect.We can say, mak
ing a flower pot, a bottle or flashlight begins in the garden.Wait until your pumpkin stalk dry.As soon as you notice it, do not waste your time - the crop must be removed before the onset of cold weather.Frost is harmful to the skin, it becomes brittle.Do not cut the pumpkin "at the root," be sure to leave a piece of the stem measuring 4-5 cm. Look at what you have collected.For drying suitable only perfectly healthy fruits, without any signs of rot.
not leave the rotten pumpkins, otherwise you may lose your entire crop.If the healthy part of the fruit can not be used in food, the pumpkin is better to throw.

It is still not today

Sohnut pumpkin for a long time.It takes a few months, so you get a ready-made material for handicrafts, not earlier than the spring.Kukurbita lagenarii dries much faster, by about two times.Wash pumpkin warm soapy water (best to use baby soap normal, without flavoring), wipe with a soft cloth and let dry.Wipe peel swab dipped in vodka or alcohol.Prepare the room - it must be well ventilated, but at the same time firmly defend what is in it, away from direct sunlight.Suitable dry shed or balcony on the north side.Please note that the room is occupied by about six months.Arrange the pumpkin so that they do not touch each other.About a week and a half check up process.Pumpkins will change its color, but appear not to rot.If spots appear - remove the pumpkin.Inspect the fruit a couple of times a week, remove rotten, turn the ones that are left.Months after five or six when you turn you hear the seeds rattle inside when shaking.This means that pumpkins are ready and they can do something interesting.