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  • - Guide for learning Braille;
Discover the principles of construction in Braille for reading and writing, called Braille.It is based on a combination of points.Designed as a combination of dots mark having a certain height and diameter, is recorded in the cell.Such information in the signs after appropriate training and skills are easily recognized by touch.To read without the aid of the index finger is used (or even the fingers of two hands).
Stock up tutorial, which introduces the basics of tactile reading of Braille.Learn to start the basic combination of signs correspondi
ng to letters of the alphabet.Please be patient, as the development of new skills is usually difficult.With due diligence, you can over time learn to read with closed eyes not only the literal text, but also the mathematical signs, symbols computer, and even musical notes.
For more effective reading instruction by the described technique include the occupation of teaching writing.Combining the two skills (reading and writing) helps reduce training time.To do this, you need a so-called "braille device" or a Braille typewriter.
Insert between the two plates of the device Braille paper.Each cell plate corresponds to one braille cell.Slate push the paper in the grooves at the bottom of the plate, and you get a Braille sign.Entries are made from right to left.Now turn the paper to read the writing.
Discover device braille typewriter.It has six keys, space bar key to move forward and handle newline.Six keys correspond to points of the braille cell.Use for printing the index, ring and middle fingers of both hands.Following the acquisition of skill typing, you'll notice that reading Braille with closed eyes become easier for you.