If you are already fairly well mastered the secrets of tricks and doing stunts expertly, you can get the head of the circle to the House of Children's Art, a local club, the Palace of Culture and other similar institutions.Wages are generally not large, but it is valuable dialogue with creative people and the joy of the experience you submit.
You can put an ad in the local paper that you are willing to diversify the evenings.A goo
d magician is very in demand in the corporate parties.People tired of the heavy meal, drinking, fun contests and dances with pleasure take part in a miniature circus.Give magician hours, and then find them in the pocket of his boss, to pull out of the pocket of his jacket a lush flower got there inexplicably, to try to trace the deft hands of the magician and magician, tasuyuschego card or producing manipulations with the balls - all this is very interesting and excitespeople, adding a fun party.
aware that not only excited to see at corporate magician.During the pre-agreed fee, you can show your skill in children's matinees, anniversaries, weddings, various meetings (schoolmates, veterans, etc.).Of course, for each contingent, you should have developed its own program based on the age and interests of your audience (for example, is considered incorrect demonstrate doshkolyatam tricks with cards and money).
Give notice in a newspaper about this: "The magician, juggler and magician brighten its miracles and amusing stunts your family holiday.Originally congratulate the child, parents, mother-in-law ... will bring harmony and happiness in the family. "In other words, offer people visiting (in their homes) circus.The cost of a magician at home negotiated by phone.What is interesting is the text of the ad and affordable prices, the more people want to see you get your art.
You can organize your school beginner magicians (not necessarily call it a school, it can be courses, trainings, Magick groups, workshops, etc.).Find a room where the sessions will take place, leases, advertise in local newspapers, radio and TV.When make sure things went smoothly, and your art has become to bring you a steady income, the tax office register as a private entrepreneur.
if the search space, leases, advertising and other organization seems to you a very complicated and time-consuming, create a business on the Internet.Get a themed website, fill it with content relevant content to let the announcement of the paid course "Novice magician" (the name you give any example, "Magic tricks", "Secrets of the magician" and others.).And do not stop the fact that you are new to the Internet, you do not know how to create websites, write lyrics, record and share video material.Turning to the search engines, you can easily find on the Internet Professionals (webmasters, copywriters, SEO), ready to teach you the business on the internet for a fee, or to engage in your site.You will record video with lessons on magic, transfer them to disk or send by mail to those who ordered them online.Or give a link for download to those who paid the course and wants to get it on his computer.