Tip 1: How to disassemble the lens

camera lens - a very complicated system and wanton interference in its device can permanently destroy the mechanism.But as you know, authorized service repair photographic equipment there is very little, sometimes they are impossible to find, even in large cities, not to mention the smaller towns and attempt to repair the lens on its own becomes the last chance to revive the prematurely deceased pet.
you need
  • - Phillips screw driver
  • - several sheets of blank paper
  • - capacity for folding cogs
  • - device for wiping the lens
  • - rubber bulb to blow off dust
  • - the lens does
Well check parsed lens.Let's say you decided to dismantle Nikkor 18-55.All manipulations must be carried out over the white paper, laid on a flat surface, in order to avoid loss of small parts and components.Along the perimeter of the bayonet mount, you will see three black screws, gently loosen them.Turn the lens sideways to his contacts, remove the two screws that secure the plate contacts.Even before the
showdown you will notice that the screws are different from each other, so it is better to put in different containers and mark where the screws have been unscrewed.Remove the upper plastic ring adjacent to the plate with contacts.
next step, remove the three small black screw located on the same surface of the ring, which is attached to the contact record.Remove the ring from the plate aperture control.Very carefully remove the contact from the movements remove the ring.Next you can see a 4 white bolts that hold the rails inside of your lens.Remove them.Pull out the rails and with a slight effort to remove the inside of the lens from the body.Now you can begin to what the purpose of what you are and to understand your own objects.For example, cleaning the lens from dust.
lens setup is done in the reverse discrimination.When inserting the interior of the lens ago, note that you can insert it only one way, so that the tab on the exact entered specifically for this slot.Return to place the guides, screw them.Carefully screw on the old site of contact.Put back all taken out of the ring, lightly pull the diaphragm rod to make sure that everything fell into place.Screw all the screws to their original locations.If you perform all the actions very carefully and gently, it's okay with your lens should not happen.But remember, the responsibility for all your actions carry you and only you, so before you start dismantling carefully weigh the need for this action.

Tip 2: How to disassemble the lens Nikon

The digital camera lens - a complex opto-mechanical system that combines elements of mechanics and optics.Unfortunately, the object name most often at greater risk of failure.In view of this camera Nikon owner must be able to analyze it, to correct the problem and return the camera performance.
How to disassemble Nikon lens
you need
  • - lens Nikon;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - service manuals;
  • - photo-pear;
  • - tweezers;
  • - paper;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - marker.
Before you begin to repair the lens Get a good tool.High-quality instrument - it is a guarantee of success.Risk, using low-quality tool, it is not necessary, since the screws in the lens have small slots, so using non-professional tool, you can strip the threads.
When repairing the lens using the service manuals.All manipulations were performed on a flat surface: it spread a sheet of paper on the table (so decrease the risk of losing some detail).
Disassemble the front part of the lens: a screwdriver to pry gently self-adhesive decorative stickers (on the front of the lens) and remove it.Under this label are three screws.Mark the position of the lens (this is necessary for return to this item), and unscrew the screws, and then remove the lens.
Then unscrew three screws cylinders and remove them.Following this, remove the cylinder rubber zoom ring, remove the three screws from the bearings and remove the zoom ring.Then turn the lens and start to disassemble the rear.
First remove the protective plastic ring.Inside this ring is disposed a latch delay that can simply put his finger in the hole in the position of the maximum focal length.
If zoom is jammed, the operation can be done after removing the bayonet.To this end, part of a bayonet remove the two screws that secure the contact plate and remove it.Then loosen the screws and remove the lens mount them.
Remove all cables from the connectors, and then remove the protective cylinder and ring interference.Following this, remove the six screws from the plastic retaining ring, remove it and pull out the unit zoom.
Assemble in reverse order.
Do not disassemble the lens on the weight!
Helpful Hint
When disassembling the lens may wring their tails, so be careful.
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