Inspect the reservoir - the first thing that must be done every angler who set out to catch grass carp.This statement is quite natural, since the representative of the family of carp fed exclusively vegetable food, and if aquatic plants in the pond grow a sufficient amount, it is unlikely to be interested in even the most fragrant of bait and bait.The chance that the carp can bite, appears only if the minimum number of lake vegetation, or if algae did not meet his taste preferences.

So what are biting carp?

If carp are hungry, it can intrigue the most diverse food.This fish could be interested in baits of filamentous algae, the young shoots of peas, clover, and even young ovaries cucumber.But the real professional fisherman knows that the best bait that can be used wh
en fishing for grass carp, it is, of course, corn.

White cupid with pleasure may covet as canned corn, the choice of which is huge in the grocery stores, and a special fishing.However, in order to interest the grass carp, the bait should be equipped in such a way that it was in the twenty-five centimeters from the bottom.

order to corn did not fall to the bottom, it is possible to attach a pair of foam balls.Grass carp may bite and bait combination, which consists of corn and a special floating Boyle.


have to understand that for a successful fishing grass carp alone are not enough only bait.It is important to lure the fish to the place of fishing, using the proper bait.

bait for grass carp should be small fraction, in other words - so that when they hit the surface of the water, it turned into a kind of dust.This type of bait can not only get the fish to come to the place of fishing, but also to stay there for a long time.

optimal basis for bait can serve as sunflower meal, corn grits, corn or canned chopped boiled peas.It can also be used and are feeds which are commercially available in most shops fishing.

Going on fishing, it is important to remember that the grass carp - fish very carefully and any noise can frighten off it.By the way, at night the fish behave more safely and this significantly increases the chance of becoming the proud owner of such honorary trophy.