you need
  • paper, pencils (2T, TM, 2M), eraser
Select angle.From that, from what point you will be looking at the model, which is located a light source will depend on the overall impression which will make your drawing.Observe your hero when he is relaxed, get the angle in which he looks most profitable and expressive.
Make a sketch on a piece of hard pencil.Label the basic parts of the portrait - the skull, face, neck.Lines should not be too bright, and proportion - verified.Move your hand freely and quickly - it should take a pencil of 2-3 cm from the end.The image at this stage would be quite arbitrary.As long as you're just looking for the most convenient location of the object in the format, refer to the composition is balanced.
Calculate the proportions of the human face and mark them on the drawing.There are basic average proportion.Having determined the ratio of the width and height of the head, draw it as a rectangle, divide it in half horizontally and vertically.The vertical line - the central axis of the human face, of reconciliation at it as part of the figure are arranged in proportion.On the central line will be positioned horizontally eye.The distance between the eyes is equal to the width of the wings of the nose.Dividing the lower part of the figure in half again, you indicate the place where you want to be the tip of the nose.The same will be the distance from the eye to the hairline.Ears are usually located at the tip of the nose and to the nose.The corners of the mouth can be drawn, if we draw a straight line down from the pupils.Line of the lower lip is in the middle of the last of the lower rectangle.
Adjust the proportions of the face according to the real data model.The face of each person uniquely, and the transfer of individual proportions make the most expressive image.
Apply shading.Determine the darkest areas of the picture, partial shade and light.Apply shadows with a soft pencil.The darker the site, the softer the pencil more pressure on him and the thicker the line.Repeat patterned shape of the object and add the finishing touches to the main 45-degree angle.