Start drawing of auxiliary lines.Draw two ovals corresponding to the head and torso of a wolf.It is a predatory mammal is especially recognizable in the two positions when howling at the moon and when alert and looking askance.In this case, the animal's head is below the level of the shoulder blades.
neck Draw connecting lines.
Draw the face of a wolf.Highlight protruding eyebrows, draw a long straight face.Draw oval eyes - they are planted directly on the level where protruding forehead goes into the nose.At the end of the picture the nose, select the nostrils.Remember that the muzzle of a wolf rather elongated and tanks covered with thick hair sticking to the sides.Draw the lower jaw and large teeth, if your animal grin.
Draw triangular ears.They are located at the top of the head, rather than on the sides, as some bree
ds of dogs.
Select the scruff of the neck on the body of a wolf, Draw the direction of hair growth on the spine and abdomen.Adjust the shape of an oval, the animal did not work too well fed.
Proceed to drawing the legs.In comparison with a conventional dog breed uncertain wolf has longer limbs.In addition, the length of his legs more, and two front fingers pushed forward in comparison with the others.Draw bending hind legs, Draw joint between the thigh and shin.
Do not forget to draw the tail he always hangs down - wolves do not wag their dogs.The shape of the tail similar to an elongated oval.
Get to coloring.Color wool wolf depends on the species and habitats and can be gray, brownish, black and white.The fur under the jaw, chest and abdomen lighter and softer.Draw a dark paint animal eyelids, external corners slightly apart.For eyes, use yellow or brown.