you need
  • simple glass vase,
  • stained glass paint,
  • picture that you want to apply,
  • copy paper,
  • glass cleaner,
  • napkins,
  • paper tape,
  • contour glass,
  • crystal paste,
  • handle,
  • toothpicks,
  • cotton swabs.
Wash bowl and rub the surface cleaner to wash the windows.When the way you de-grease glass, paint and apply the contour will be much more convenient and easier.
vase attached to the carbon paper with tape, making her small incisions that would have served as darts.Since carbon paper will adhere to the glass, and the pattern will be transferred
with minimum errors.Attach the top of the carbon paper pattern and trace the outlines of a pen.
Apply the remaining labels out of the tube circuit.Note that his line should be closed and thick enough to paint does not spill over its borders.Dry harvesting hairdryer and leave it for a while.
then start to paint brush and paint the picture.The paint should be uniformly applied and do not create the effect of spreading.Dry it hot hair dryer when it is ready.Before drying, check the reaction paints.
After vase painted with stained glass paints, can be applied to the dot pattern crystal paste.If you were drawing, such as flowers, the thick paste can be applied to the stamens and the wings of butterflies fluttering above them.