you need
  • - Paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - paint;
  • - Brush;
  • - eraser.
Start drawing Bumblebee to outline its contours.Draw a big circle in the middle of the sheet.Slightly to the left, draw a circle with a smaller diameter.He has a little overlap the previous lap.The big circle divided into five vertical pieces and paint them in turn it black, then yellow.A small yellow circle do, and then it draw another small circle of black.To a large circle on the right side pririsuyte thin triangle that will sting for Bumblebee .
Draw two blue oval, extending from the left circle up and slightly to the side.They are slightly overlapping body Bumblebee .These ovals will be the wings of an insect.On each wing, draw a white pattern re
sembling leaf veins: a curved strip along the length of the oval and somewhat extending from opposite sides of her lines.
Add three pairs of legs to the lower body Bumblebee .Draw them in zigzag lines from one or two kinks.Color limbs - black.Now you can draw the eyes of insects.To do this, outline the two white ovals in the place where his eyes should be.Then on top of them, draw two black oval, slightly off to the left.Thus, you should have two white arches, framing the eyes Bumblebee .Add to the surface of each eye white glare.
have Bumblebee color are two segment.To draw them, swipe from the top of the Bumblebee two short dashes.They need a little bit in different directions.Then pririsuyte Antennae each one thickened dashes.On his head Bumblebee arranged part mouthparts, called mandibles.Draw them just below the eye Bumblebee in the form of triangles, which overturned an acute angle to the bottom.The sides of the triangle make arched.At the top of each set of elongated mandibles glare.
Body Bumblebee covered with thick long hair.This is one of the clearest signs of a bumblebee which can be distinguished from the bees.To show the fluffy surface of the insect, walk with small strokes of the corresponding color on the edge of the yellow and black stripes on its body.