the example of the figure, you will learn to use a spoon modifier Fit.Open the Create panel, and then select the section of two-dimensional figures, and in it, select Line.Draw kinds spoon top and side, add a line of the desired length, whereupon Draw concave spoon.
To do this, create a rectangle with three peaks in length and two in height, and then each vertex in turn beizer-corner and set each vertex into position, starting from the top corner.
creating a concave surface, continue to create the future spoon handle.To do this, create the exact same rectangle with upper-left corner convert it to the desired shape.
Now select the line of pens, o
pen the Create tab - & gt;3D Objects - & gt;Loft Object.Press Loft, and then click Get Path.In the Modify panel, choose the Deformations and click Fit.Deactivate the button that makes the image symmetrical.
Now select Display X Axis, and then click Get Shape.Click in the window on the line, which should represent the upper surface of the future spoons, and then make the window Fit Deformation large.Select Display Y Axis, roll up the window and choose Fit Deformation line representing the side of the spoon.
Close the Fit and open the Modify, preserving the allocation of the object with a loft.Now open the option Path Parameters Path and point put any figure.Will appear on a star circuit loft move to a point of the convex base of the spoon, and then click Get Shape, and from the list of objects, select the object handle of a spoon.
Asterisk loop slide a third into the spoon, and then click Get Shape, by selecting the concave surface of the object.Again push the star - this time place it near the end of a spoon.
Open the Skin Parameters and Path Steps set point value of about 30 to smooth the edges of the future spoon.Podredaktiruyte other options to make it look more realistic spoon.
Open the Material Editor and set Shading = Metal, adjust the white color and the level of Shineness and Shine Strenght increase to 70. In the section Maps, click on the None button near the point of Reflection.In the list, find the Raytrace and click OK.Now again, open Maps and Reflection increase to 55. spoon ready.