find a clear and large picture of a deer's head and make it black and white, using any graphics editor.In the black-and-white copy of a picture, draw a grid with the same cell of medium size.The grid will help you navigate the picture and find a place from which you started and finished on which a particular piece.
find the starting point of the drawing, which will help to understand whether to put drawing on paper (usually the upper part of the rendered shapes).Transfer the measurement grid and the grid itself to paper for drawing and determine from what point you start to draw.
Start depict deer, drawing
his left eye to a certain point in advance of their paper.Focus on the appropriate cell of the grid and try to draw again in detail what it depicted.
Measure the distance from the left eye to the right on the grid, run the same distance in his paper, and continue to draw the second eye.The cell grid on paper shall conform to the grid on the original.
painted eyes, continue to draw the general outline of the head and ears of a deer.Draw the ears, top, elongated snout and nose.Try to copy the elements of the picture completely in their respective cells of the grid.Mark the silhouette of the body, add a lighter shade and shape of the spots, ears and hair coloring deer.
Continue to draw the shade - make them richer.Sketch black eye pencil, leaving a light white highlights.While referring to the original, add shading light and dark areas his deer, giving the picture more volume and realism.
Blend the shadows around the eyes and nose.Where required bright place, walk around too dark shadows sharply cut off the tip of the eraser.
bar, add highlights, shade sharp transitions drawing until the deer on your picture will not be as close to its prototype in the photo.When you finish to apply the shadows and texture of the hair, add a few touches - a mustache, eyebrows rising above the hairs of wool separately.Your drawing is ready.