you need
  • - My favorite T-shirt;
  • - unnecessary T-shirt with sleeves (contrasting or different color matching to the color tone of a favorite T-shirt);
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - sewing machine.
Spread your favorite t-shirt (call it basic), you want to extend, on a table.Attach it to any shirt (the size of which is your child) with short sleeves.Align armhole shirts and mark a line on the bottom of the main short-sleeved T-shirt.
From the new bottom line
sleeves add two centimeters at the seams.Do the same on the second sleeve.Cut off the excess length sleeveless T-shirt basic tailor scissors.
Measure of a child's hand the desired new length sleeves.Measure on the main new T-shirt (short) sleeve length excluding allowances and subtract this amount from your total measured the required length of the sleeve.You get the length of the sleeve podkroynoy that you extend the basic t-shirt .
Lay second prepared shirt , from which you will need to cut off the sleeves and bottom.Measure from the bottom of each sleeve obtained in the previous step value, draw a line and add two centimeters to the allowances.Cut off the sleeves of the T-shirts from unnecessary.
Include podkroynoy sleeve in short sleeves basic T-shirts, adding the details wrong side of each other.Align the seams of sleeves and their sections.Tuck allowances into every detail, you will need to make sure that the bent edge parts podkroynoy was a couple of millimeters below the main, then the shelf out of the main short-sleeved T-shirt will not be visible layer of the second fabric.
Pin detail and prostrochite round pins on the sewing machine, retreating 1 cm from the edge.Thus, sections of the two parts will be within the sleeve.Processing need not be as thin jersey is not showered.
To sewn part of the sleeves did not look a bit alien, they can support, sew to the bottom edge of the main part of the T-shirts cut off the bottom of the second T-shirt.This will also lengthen too short shirt .
Cut the bottom of the T-shirt, the sleeves of which you've used to build the basic t-shirt sleeve length.The height of the cut determined by measuring the total length of the back of the child and subtracting from it the length of the main T-shirts.Make an allowance of 2 cm, carve out.
Fold allowance received details on the wrong side and fold it to the lower part of the main-shirts wrong side so that the treated edge of the main T-shirt 1 cm protrude podkroynoy parts tucked allowance.Parts stitched together, paving the line in the main seam hem t-shirts.