Prepare beads.For weaving beads fit chrysanthemum yellow, white, pink.Pick 2 shades of the same color as the flower gets even more spectacular.It may be a combination of lemon and dark yellow, white and pink, light pink and lavender.

addition you will need:
- beads green leaf;
- wire beading;
- thread floss green.

Weave bud

to flower needs to be done about 10 layers of petals.Start weaving midway chrysanthemum.Cut a piece of wire 40 cm long. Nanizhite it 4 bead light shade 8 - dark and 4 light beads.Place them in the middle of the wire, bend a loop and thread one end of the wire through the last bead.Make 2-3 turns of the wire under the petal.

Then type one of the ends of
the same number of beads, as for the first petal.Bend the loop and make it a couple of turns of a piece.Similarly weave 5-6 for the first tier of petals of chrysanthemum.

second and third tiers of petals braid in the same way, but unlike the first, increase the number of beads in the petals.In the second tier, dial 30 beads for each part, and the third - at 36. It is also possible to increase the number of loops-petals.Since

increase the number of beads, respectively, it will be necessary to cut a longer piece of wire.For the second tier - 60 cm, and for the third - about 80.

following petals Scourge needle technique.Cut 4 pieces of wire length of 60 cm each.Nanizhite 20 beads, of which 10 and 10 light shade darker.Spread the beads in the middle of the wire.Hold the bead of the extreme dark hand, pass through all other beads of a number of the other end of the wire.So to get the first needle-petal.The second and subsequent make the same way on both ends of the wire.The more of these petals will be in the tier, the more luxuriant will chrysanthemum.Just need to make these 4 tiers.

following three tiers of whipping in the needle technique, but they need to increase the length of the petals.For this string of 23 beads of two colors.

Weave chrysanthemum leaves

Very impressive look leaves, woven in the art of weaving in parallel, all the more so because they can be given virtually any shape.Cut the wire length of 100 cm and start weaving as follows.In the first row, type 1 bead, in the 2nd and 3rd - 2, 4 and 5 m - 3 beads in the 6 th - 4, 7 and 8 th - 5 pieces.

Next configure the carved edges of the sheet.On one of the edges nanizhite 3 beads, skip the tip of the wire through the beads 2, tighten the wire.Weave 3 rows of beads 8 each, then make a carved edge of the three beads and continue to weave the technique of parallel rows of netting to 9 beads each.Then again, do the projection, but reduce the number of beads in a row.Tighten the wire under this part of the sheet, making a couple of turns.

second side parts weave in the same way, but mirrored, ie make a carved edge on the opposite side of the leaf.Weave 2 or 3 similar items.

assembly chrysanthemum

Take the first 3 tiers with rose-bud loop.Insert them into each other so that the smallest was inside.Then, twist the ends of the wire under the bud and unfold the petals.

Then put 4 layers with petals woven into the needle technique.Each subsequent tier are arranged so that the tab is between the previous parts.Complete assembly of the three largest flower blanks.Twist the wire until the end, forming a stalk of chrysanthemum.Petals bend, trying to give the natural shape of a flower.

attach leaf to the stem and tighten the wire.At some distance from the first position and the second part and twist the wire.Stem Wrap thread floss green.