you need
  • - 50 cm of cotton or linen fabric uppers;
  • - 50 cm of cotton or linen for lining;
  • - insulation;
  • - the head of a broken doll;
  • - bit jersey flesh or white hand;
  • - lace, embroidery and other elements of decoration;
  • - needles, thread, sewing machine.
carve the trunk.Measure makers.Draw on paper or directly on the tissue box.Its length is twice the length of the pot plus another 10 cm to freely worn doll plus sea
m allowance.Carve out exactly the same rectangles of fabric and insulation, designed lining.Cut a piece of lace or embroidery to finish bottom.This piece will be equal to the length of the rectangle without allowances.
carve sleeves.Cut two rectangles of the same fabric as the outer side heaters.For hands cut from jersey following a diameter of about 5 cm. Sleeves can be decorated at the bottom with lace or embroidery.Cut pieces of length slightly greater than the length of a rectangle that is gathered can be lace.
Sew circles on the edge of the seam "forward needle" and prisborte them.Tamp "kulaks" batting or synthetic padding, tighten and fasten thread.Tamp the sleeves, then fists sew ruffles hiding under seal.
If you have a broken doll head, use it.If there is a head, do it from the fabric.Cut a rectangle of arbitrary size knitted or white flesh and sew a bag out of it.Turn the bag right side out.Determine where to crown, a departure from the edge 0.5 cm and sew seam "forward needle".Tighten the bag, secure and tear off the thread.You can fill your head with the same synthetic padding or wadding.
Put a rectangle, designed for backing up, face down.Cover with a layer of insulation.Baste the two edges of the rectangle, and then quilted by hand or on a typewriter.
Fold the outer and inner rectangles facing each other.Determine where the bottom is warmer.Put a piece of lace between the rectangles for finishing bottom, baste it and stitched.Then iron the seam, turn the work, fold the wrong side of the rectangles to each other and then iron again.
Spread the two parts so as to obtain a large rectangle.Fold it in half down the long side facing inward.Align the side edges.Stitch seam.You should get a "pipe", which consists of two parts, separated by lace.Turn it to the right side, bend on the wrong side of the rectangle with a heater to heater was inside.The upper sections of the two rectangles bend, sew seam "forward needle" and is gathered so as to fit into the hole neck doll.You can sheathe the neck with a piece of lace or embroidery.
Insert into the hole head dolls and sew it to the neck of a hidden seam.The stitches should be small, but tight to the head of the doll stood.If it is fairly tightly packed, and the stitches small and durable, the head will maintain the vertical position without any backups.
Sew doll hands.Fold the upper part of the sleeves, is gathered and tighten them.Sewn by hand lace collar, near the neck doll.In principle, such a doll hands are not required, they can simply sew a dress or sew applique.
make a doll face.Eyes embroider black or blue thread, it just circles.They can embroider from center embroidery.If the doll is smiling mouth sew seam stalk."Cupid's bow" can be embroidered embroidery easy.Nose Pick the right color and size of the bead.
make the doll hair.In this case it is not necessary that the hair can be changed.Because with matching yarn braid braid or two, decorate the lower part of the bow and the upper sewn to the head.Carve out a handkerchief obsheyte its lace tie at the doll's head and secure with several invisible stitches.