So one of the easiest options - welding inverter at 32A / 220V.Returns current for welding within the 250A.The device is able to produce an arc of up to centimeters, which passes into the low-temperature plasma. efficiency inverter and corresponds to industrial designs.
Transformer wrap and gather at the core Sh8h8 2000nm with a gap of 0.05mm.The primary winding of the wrap 125 turns of 0.35 mm wire.In the same secondary windings of wire is wound 11 turns.
winding 1A forming wire of 0.5 mm.Your power supply should not exceed 350 grams.Welding machine itself can be done in two ways - with
the frequency and 41kGts 55kGts.In the second case, to increase the MF transformer is required to make 9 turns to 3 turns.Transformer 41 kHz Sh20h28 prepare two sets of 2000 nm, with a gap of 0.05 mm and newsprint gasket and copper strip in the paper.
transformer windings Copper tape thickness of 0.25 mm and a width of 40 mm.As the insulation paper can be used by the cash register.The secondary windings made of three layers of sheet metal, insulated from each other PTFE tape.The contact ends of the secondary winding of the output are brazed together, high frequency currents to the conductivity was higher.
Choke should be made on the basis of core Sh20h28 2000nm with five turns of 25 square with a gap in the range 0.15-0.5 mm, with two layers of paper from a printer.The current transformer is a current sensor with two rings K30h18h7 where the primary winding wire threaded through a ring.The secondary winding consists of 85 turns of 0.5 mm wire.There are many other home-made models inverter s.In particular for small welding home craftsmen created inverter based computer power supply, where the coolant has been used radiator from PIV, divided into three parts, wherein two lower parts mounted transistor IRG4PC5OU, and on the remaining portion - closedKD2997A diodes.