Sew hole, when suddenly it was formed on the clothing.Neat stitches seal the hole, try not to be seen of your work.If unnoticed in such a way to remove a breakthrough was not possible, place the patch.Today, it is a decorative cloth bill would look interesting.Sutured better socks and put a patch, such as jeans.
lightning Replace or repair it if the cause of damage to the fastener.It is possible to replace the movable part or the whole zipper fully, depending on the type of problem.You need to sew the zipper on a typewriter, its maximum pulling, so that no creases.These repairs can be trusted with the master, he will pick up the necessary items.
Make application on the spot where repairs are necessary.For example, if you have burned blouse or dress.Pi
ck drawing, suitable in style and color.Often this type of repair is suitable for children's clothing.For adults, if tissue damage is small, you can use a brooch;if the damage to the collar - beautifully knotted scarf or shawl.
Paint clothes if necessary, repair the problem in color.It happens that the thing faded or been doused with paint does not wash off.Choose a color that most can correct the situation, ie,darker than the fabric itself or stain.First try to paint this piece of fabric in order to understand what happens.And then proceed to color the whole thing.Clearly follow the instructions of paint so as not to spoil the thing completely.
Replace parts of garments, if you can not be repaired by other means.For example, fur cuffs or sleeves favorite sweaters can be totally replaced.To do this, locate the fabric, make a pattern necessary items, and then sew it in place old.
requesting repair in the studio.Most repairs possible to professionals.They correctly appreciate the damage and offer the most perfect repair.Also in the studio will be a large selection of fabrics that can be used for patching or replacement of the product.