you need
  • - program Photoshop;
  • - picture.
problem which often has to do with the processing of images associated with the elimination of defects and irregularities of the skin while maintaining the texture of the image.For best results is to bring all of the correction in the individual layers, the transparency which you can change in the final editing stage.
for treating skin defects in the image loaded into editing create a new layer Layer option group New Layer menu and turn the tool Healing Brush.Tick ​​the checkbox Sample all layers.This will allow you to use as a source to copy the pixe
ls that are below the new transparent layer that has just been created.
Holding the Alt, click on the section of the normal image that is as close as possible to the defect to be remedied.Identify the source of the cloning, click the domain containing the defect.Scale the image through the Navigator so as to clearly see fine details in the picture.The diameter of the Healing Brush to do less, it will help preserve the original texture of the image, of course, if it is present in the picture.
Remove hair, stray from the hair, and the roughness of the background to help the tool Clone Stamp.Configure it the same way as the Healing Brush.For the results of the correction create a new layer.
Quite often there is a need to change the color of individual sections of photos.To do this, create an adjustment layer filter Curves, applying Curves option group New Adjustment Layer menu Layer.In the Settings window, adjust the image so that the site that you are editing, acquired the desired look.On what happens to the rest of the picture, you can not ignore.
Default Adjustment Layers are created masks in a mode that allows the filter to affect the entire image, located on the layers lying below the correction.To narrow the scope of the adjustment, click on the mask and apply it to the option group Invert Adjustments menu Image.
Turn Brush Tool and paint the white mask those fragments that are fragments of the image to which you want to apply the correction.If you want to reduce the impact of the filter, reduce the Opacity tool Brush.With true-layer mask, you can align the color in the image and brighten excessively shaded areas of photos.
Despite all precautions texture image after correction may be slightly blurred.In order to restore the image, apply a small amount of grain.To do this, create a new layer by selecting the dialog box mode Soft Light from the drop-Mode.The checkbox Fill with Soft-Light-neutral color, you will need to tick.
Apply noise created layer on the option Add Noise group Noise menu Filter.In order to make the texture a little more relief, apply a layer of the filter Emboss from the group Stylize.
Remove noise with the eyes, lips and hair in the picture.To do this, add to the layer mask with noise Reveal All option from the group of New Layer Mask Layer menu and paint brush black mask fragments that are over those parts images from which you want to remove noise.
Applying the Save As menu option File, save a snapshot of all layers in a file psd.At any time you can change the degree of correction of photographs without reworking all the work from the start.To view a picture, save the file in jpg.