If you are at home and at your disposal a certain amount of free time, rejoice, because it is - a dream of a considerable number of people ever employed.Although, when the time they did appear, they often do not know what to do with myself, because accustomed to constantly be thinking only about work.According to psychologists, extroverts, too, is bored with myself, because they have a constant need to be in someone's company.In fact, the activity itself can be found easily - a lot of options.

Do something enjoyable or useful

main thing - to understand what exactly you like to do.So first of all make a list of such cases.If you love to read, take unread book from the shelf, buy a new one in the local store or download on the Internet.

Another option - to learn a foreign language, knowledge of which you might need for work or in the planning your trip.Today
, it has a huge opportunity: the Internet you can find courses, video, audio and more for learning languages.

Turn your favorite movie or see a poster of cinemas, to see what new products come to the cinema screens.If you normally listen to music on the way to work or to the store, upload to your player new songs and make a playlist. If you have been going to call some relative and longtime friend, but it was not before - it's time to do it.

Clean the house.Place your order at the table, in the closet or even on the same shelf.Think about how you can make their homes more comfortable and beautiful.Make a small rearrangement to update space.Repair things that need fixing.

Take cookbook, examine the contents of the refrigerator and try to prepare themselves for a new tasty dish.

Take a

Women after workout probably will not mind to take a bubble bath, salt, essential oils or herbal infusion.It is also possible to make the nutrient face or hair.
Another great opportunity that opens in front of you - is to do his physical shape and health.The large variety of online courses video lessons on yoga and fitness, both paid and free.Physical exercises at home can be even more enjoyable than in the room, as you can do in any clothes, skip the complicated movements for you to choose systems that will please you.