you need
  • Canvas on cardboard, any size, any desire, any art sold in the cabin, is not expensive.Oily paint tubes take small, they will last for a long time.Choose color desired.White definitely recommend and green, yellow and red, and in general look at the interior.The solvent for the oily paint, but you can just oil.Clay time, wagon, it smells, but it is easier to work with, PVA is also possible, it does not smell, but it is a liquid, with it a bit more difficult.Paint Brush medium size.The frame can be made from branches of a rose, and can be ordered in the same cabin.And of course dried roses.Especially do not need to dry them when they podvyanut, hang them down the buds, they are pretty dry.And so, in the end, what we need: canvas, paint, brush, glue, oil, flowers
    and frame as desired.By the way if you do a frame of branches need gray twine in the economic department of sale.
Apply the paint to the canvas, pre-mixed with butter on politrila.One color should move seamlessly to another, to take more of this oil, paint for less then the color will be gentle and do not forget about white paint.
paint must dry.By the way there is an option first flowers pasted on the canvas and then paint the background.So, the paint dries 1, 5 -2 weeks, it is not fast, but the effect of oil funky.Getting label colors.Cut the head of the roses, leaving a small tail (stem) about 3-4 cm. We spread the composition, make sure you like it, sort out all possible options.Diagonal, in the corner, in the middle ... and then begin to stick to the canvas flowers, those who do not adhere to the canvas, to the closest color to volume were, glue flowers almost on top of each other, can be the center of the composition, under flowers, gluebroken branches and they have to glue the flowers to be bulkier.You can glue the leaves carefully stuck them between colors, especially decorates the composition gypsophila.This small white flowers, they are often decorated with a bouquet, I adore them.Sometimes the glue comes straight to fill in colors to small parts stuck together.Then they sit very firmly.PVA although white, but then it becomes clear.So that the adhesive will not be visible.
main job is done.Now we are working with a frame.I have already said that the frame can order any color and texture.Picture frame required, it gives it a finished look and it looks much nicer.And you can make out the branches.To do this for each of the canvas select or cut off threads 3-4, so that their size was about 5 cm side length.And so the four branches of the same length for the 2 sides and 4 branches for 2 others.And if you have a square canvas, the 16 branches of 4 × 4.And bind them on the corners of twine.Then the frame as adhesive glue to the canvas.It turns out great!