you need
  • waterproof plywood or hardboard, pieces of wood, fiberglass, epoxy resin, waterproof paint, fasteners, electric, clamps, saws, planer
Chiefa question that you need to decide before the start of the shipbuilding work - choice of material for plating.It is best to use waterproof plywood thickness of 5 mm.Usual plywood also suitable, but in this case need to protect the outer surface of the water with fiberglass or coloring.Another option plating vessel - hardboard.This water-resistant cardboard is recommended to treat several layers of epoxy resin.
wooden parts are best made of softwood without knots and streaks.Hardwood can not withstand moisture.Wooden materials should be pre-dried.
Spend markup blanks in accordance with the drawings.This applies to the contours side trim and frames.Draw smooth c
urved lines comfortable using long reechki, which should be flexible enough.After drawing the contours of cut sheets, thus providing approximately two millimeters allowance - you will need it in the processing plane.
On a sheet of plywood or just leveled surface raschertite other details - transoms and bulkheads, frames.
parts for bottom boats are interconnected by means of staples.The fasteners should be applied from the inside of the future boat.Turn the hull upside down, put the sheets on the skin side.Drill holes in the sheets, then use a paper clip wire.The ends of the clips must be twisted together.
Treat joints between sheets of putty, which is necessary to make an epoxy binder and wood flour.
Prepare strips of fiberglass 3 cm wide. Promazhte place along the joints with epoxy glue and apply the tape so that it is positioned symmetrically on either side of the seam.Carefully smooth the tape.
8 Using clamps, put glue at the edge of the boards fenders rack bars.The inner surfaces of the body should be covered with varnish and paint.Sheets deck and seat should fit neatly in place and fasten with nails and glue.
Before painting the body it should be prepared, processed with sandpaper and varnish.Once the surface is dry, bumps should proshpaklevat.When painting the hull, use waterproof paint for exterior use.Initially, primer is applied, then two or three basic ink layer.
Leather Manufacture of thicker plywood .However, it is possible to use a thin and by gluing wheel of several layers.Ready okleyte fiberglass wheel.