Bulk bug can be woven from beads in different ways.One of the simplest - the circular weave "cloth".To produce, you will need:

- fishing line;
- round beads dark color (eg, black, dark brown or bronze color);
- beads bright and juicy shades for the shell (for example, green, orange or red);
- 2 blue beads for eyes;
- scissors;
- filler.

Weave the underside of the shell

Begin braiding bulk turtle shell from the bottom side.Cut a piece of fishing line length of about 20 cm. Nanizhite 4 beads at the center of dark color, extreme beads secure.The result should be a dagger.

Then continue weaving shell in a circle as follows.Enter the tip of the fishing line in the next bead.Nanizhite 2 beads bright color, pull the line through the next bead of dark shades and again nanizhite 2 bright beads.Continue
braiding a number in the same way.The result is a larger cross.

To completely make a number of beads bright color and close the "gaps" between the resulting dark-colored beads, podpletite in these places the main color beads.To do this, type one bead on the line, enter the tip of the next couple of beads of the main shade, pull the line through them again nanizhite bead.So get a circular series of 12 pieces.

In the next row of beads braid dark.Podpletite each odd bead of the previous row, one dark, and each even - two pieces.That is, enter the line in the first bead of the second row, nanizhite bead dark, drag through the next bead of the previous row and string on the line two dark beads.Then continue to weave the third row, alternating pripletenie one or two pieces.In this series, as a result, should have 18 beads.

fourth series of whipping the same way from the main color beads and the last five - beaded dark.In the fifth row should have 40 pieces.

Weave upper side shell

Next, go to the top of the weaving shell turtles.In the 6th row braid without the addition of the following.Podpletite 4 main color beads and one dark, then alternate in the same way until the end of the series.Beads dark divide the shell into 8 segments.

upper part of the shell of the Scourge in the reverse order, that is, in the next row number of beads should be reduced to 32. In this series of rattling beads 3 primary color contrast and 1, then continue in the same way until the end of the series.

The eighth row braid as well as in the seventh, ninth and again reduce the number of beads in a row.First plaiting 2 main color beads and then 1 - dark.To bug it took the form, tamp part of the shell at this stage of the vehicle (or synthetic padding wool).Then again pull the line through the last bead woven series slightly pull it off.

The next row braid only dark-colored beads.Plaiting one bead over the two beads of the base color and one of dark beads.Thus, in this row received 16 beads.

In the next round braid over each two for one primary color bead shell turtles.The number of beads in this series should be reduced by half (ie turn 8).End of 4 cross weaving beads dark.Weave pull together and secure the line.

Weave head, legs and tail turtle

Weave head bug.Cut a piece of fishing line and pull it through the beads of one of the segments.Nanizhite 4 dark bead, pull the line through to the top and again nanizhite 4 dark beads of the second row of the head.Next nanizhite one blue, one dark and one blue beads again.In the next, the last row of the head, type 2 dark beads, attach the line and cut the tip.

Make paws and tail turtles.After 3 beads in the segments on either side of the head stretch the line.Type it 3 dark beads, pull them through the line and nanizhite 2 beads.Similarly, do hind legs bug.

to tail in a segment located in front of the head, pull the line through the middle 2 beads.Type 2 dark beads on fishing line in the next row - 1. Pull the line through the bead of the previous row, make a tie-tip hide inside the product.