Take otrez furniture board thickness of 18 mm.Create a drawing of the ironing board and move the drawing pencil on wood panels.By harvested lines Saw jigsaw surface of the board.The size standard ironing board up 1220h300 mm.
electroplane or manual milling machine chamfer edges on all sides sawed parts.Then saw out of the planed bars with a cross section 35h40 mm blanks for the bottom of the board and also chamfer the edges.
drill in long bars (three pieces of 1100 mm and two pieces of 300 mm) throug
h openings, retreating from the middle of 30 mm in the direction of one of the ends.Holes do diameter of 8 mm.Then take a drill diameter of 25 mm and drill grooves for M10 bolts on the two bars on one side.
The hole set the bolt with a washer and expand the bar to 180 degrees.The upper ends of the legs chamfer milling machine and connect them with short bars with screws.
Depart from smooth edges of the board of 180 mm, and then the design lay along the center line.Connect a folding design with the board by screwing the support screws to the legs.Palm set foot on the back surface of the board according to your wishes - the height of the board can be different.Select groove milling machine.
to trim board cut piece of natural fabrics - cotton or calico size 1500h400 mm.Fold four times any soft material and place it on the surface of the ironing board.Then cover it with cloth upholstery and the back of the board, attach the fabric to the furniture stapler.The extra pieces of fabric cut off with scissors.Board ready.