The easiest and most obvious way to use old jeans - make them into shorts.If the jeans still fit you in size, but, let's torn at the knee or leg poobtrepalsya bottom edge, then just take a pair of scissors and trim the length of the jeans.Newly appeared shorts you can wear at home or at the cottage.
If unsuitable to wear jeans accumulated more then sew of them covered with patchwork (patchwork - patchwork needlework).The easiest way - cut into square pieces of denim (for example, the size of fifteen by fifteen centimeters), and then sew them together.This veil is best to do a double-layer to the inside could hide all the seams.If you want to warm it, then make a layer of insulated material, for example, padding polyester.
Sew small pillows.They can be executed again, patchwork, and you can come up
with something more original.For example, take a pillow in the form of what some animals.Your creations are then used to decorate the living room or the nursery or in the car on long trips.
Sew stands for hot or potholders.Since denim is dense enough, in this case, an additional layer can not do.Make tack the desired shape on the edges obsheyte piping, a narrow strip of tape or fabric.
fashioned bag products.In the world of nature protection advocates urge to use reusable canvas bags instead of plastic bags.Contributed to the preservation of the ecology of our planet, sew reusable grocery bags of denim.Sewn it is quite simple: you will need two rectangular pieces of fabric (you can sewn patchwork) size of thirty to fifty centimeters and two narrow strips of cloth (eight centimeters in width and the desired length) for pens.Clasp in this bag do not necessarily.