To make this wonderful stuff we need only flour and salt.We mix them in equal parts, add a little water to the mixture so that the dough knead well, but not too steep.
To begin modeling is necessary to ensure the convenience of the person who will sculpt, whether child or adult.Bed oilcloth on the table to dress in such clothes, you will not sorry mess.Especially if, after molding followed by painting figures cobbled together.
the question of instruments: take all of what used during molding of the clay, namely, stacks of plastic, rolling pin, stencils, shapes and small small stamps that you can buy or just look for the home.
Give yourself a full play to the creativity and imagination do not skimp on.If sculpts doug
h your child, do not disturb him with their comments, even if the plane will look like a rabbit.Can you give a little baby peas or beans that he embellished his work.As is the case with clay, we recommend to go to the forest and collect the small leaves, twigs, acorns and hats from them, for a variety of nice figures.
If you are interested in when and how to paint the dough, then paint it at any time, even if the dough dosohlo.Perfect for salt dough gouache.And you can before you start to paint the dough food dyes.
to dry figures place them on the baking sheet, having spread them under a pre-sheet of parchment, and you can just put them on the battery.