If you need throwing bait in off-shore locations, then use this feeder gear - Donkey with a trough.

rod for Donkey with a trough

Feeder (eng. "To feed" - Ā«feed") is a tackle for a permanent complementary feeding fish during the catch.To build a donk with a trough, you must choose a suitable rod.This may be a conventional carbon fiber spinning with the number of bends from 3 to 5. As for the length, it depends on how far it is planned to make casts.

The further you need to throw the tackle, the greater the length of the rod.The average length of feeder spinning ranges from 330 to 500 centimeters.Also, there are rods whose length can be varied by inserting - mini knee.

Classification feeder rods

class rod is dependent
on test performance, that is, the matching system rods throw-weight cargo.Feeder rods are divided into the following classes:

Light (light) - This class is designed for casting cargo weighing up to 40 grams.The main purpose of a light feeder - catching medium-sized fish with reflux trough over medium distances.

Medium (Intermediate) - casting rod for cargo weighing 40 to 80 grams.Feeders middle class can be used for fishing on the donk with a trough in the rather narrow rivers where not very fast flow, as well as a small pond.Rods medium class are used for casting within 50 meters.

Heavy (heavy) and Extra-heavy (over heavy) classes are designed for long-distance casting.Heavy rods allow you to make a throw cargo weighing from 80 to 120 grams.Superheavy rods allow throwing loads weighing over 120 grams.They can be used for fishing on large lakes, reservoirs, wide rivers with strong currents.Casting distance - up to 100 meters.

Features catching on donk with a trough

the waterfront should be without trees and bushes.The free space on the banks needed to maneuver during casting gear.
pauses between having thrown should be made small.Optimal pause time - from 1 to 5 minutes.The time depends on the type of bait.The faster the bait is washed out of the trough, the more should be casting.For feeder fishing was productive, feeder bait should be cast several times in the same place.