If you sent graffiti and pressed the delete (cross icon in the upper-right corner of the comment), will the words "Message deleted", and on the other hand - a reference to the "Restore".When you click on it, graffiti will be restored.Remove and restore it thus possible up until the page has been updated.Return any comments after the upgrade is not possible.Restore graffiti so you can on the walls of the users and groups on the walls.
You can also make a copy of graffiti.Right-click on the picture posted on the wall.In the context menu, select "Save".In different browsers option may be named differently, eg "Save Image" or "Save Ima
ge."Graffiti will be copied to the hard drive of your computer.Then select the menu comments "attached" and then "picture."Point to the saved copy of the graffiti, and then click send.
View your wall may be restricted in your account settings.Then mark on your wall will be available to a particular group of persons.If you report that records can not look at your wall and you want the wall was available to a wide range of users, log into your account settings.Go to the tab "Privacy".On the contrary line "Who sees other people's posts and comments on my wall" set the option "All users."To be able to see how others see your page users go on the downstream link.Click "Save".
you can completely disable commenting walls.To return to the wall, go to your account settings, tab "General".Instead of lines, "Show only my notes" and "Disable commenting walls" remove the mark.If you put a check mark next to the first item, the default will be visible only to your comments, write other users are available on the link "to all the records."After switching off the walls of all comments, including graffiti will be removed permanently.