you need
  • toy yo-yo.
Pick a yo-yo for beginners - they are different from the models advanced players design, materials used, weights.The principle of training with such copies will also be different.Yo-yo for beginners are much cheaper than professional.Start simple.Please get used to the weight and shape of wonderful toys, rope length at which it is moving.Start your workout with simple exercises.Learn to catch the yo-yo to evaluate the space around them, in which you play.
necessary work roll, or as it is called pro sleeper.This is the starting point, since the execution of any of even the most difficult trick begins w
ith him.Take the yo-yo in your hand, put a loop of rope on the finger.Now pull the hand forward, palm up, then bend the arm to the shoulder.To ensure proper throw sharply unbend the arm and in the end betray yoyo additional rotation.Then turn the brush to the floor and lift up sharply - the toy should be in your hand.
Now try to do the following trick - Walk The Dog.It really is similar to walking the dog.First make a strong sleeper to yo-yos spun as long as possible.Then he just dropped his hand.When the yo-yo hits the ground, do not stop to lower his hand - a toy she would go on the floor.Pull the rope - and the yo-yo will jump into your hand.This exercise perform better on the mat to avoid scratching the toy.A little harder, "walking the dog" - do Creeper.The algorithm is the same, but as soon as the yo-yo fall, get up on one knee and expand hand.When the rope would be parallel to the floor, the toy back to his hand.
Go to the next stage - Forward Pass.Lower the arm with a toy along the body, get an outstretched hand behind his back and throw forward.While the yo-yo spins, expand the arm and made a sharp movement of the brush back to the toy turned out to be in your hand.Complicate the trick.Do Around The World (Around the world) - it is also saying the name of the exercise.The sequence of execution is the same as just before the pull string yo-yo, make a much smoother movement in a circle.