Professionals recommend creating sketches on paper, not only during training wild style graffiti, but also to the creation of each drawing.So you will be able to study it, to work out all the details of major and minor outline fonts and choose the most suitable color.
Consider the theme of your drawing.Usually objects image for wild graffiti are any words.Most often it is Nicky artists.
Once you have decided on what to paint, look on the Internet images of different fonts for wild style graffiti and pick the most suitable for you.Based on the known fonts, you can create your own, earning great respect among street artists of wild graffiti.
After you select a suitable font, spent some of its elements on the paper and then proceed to create your first sketch.
for sketching best fit A4 sheets on which the images look visually, and the lack of marking as for example at the exercise book, complicates the problem, but it is ready to create graffiti on the wall.
first sketches in pencil is better to do, so that you can adjust the image, to experiment with the details, add volume, shadows, sharp edges and arrows.
Making a pencil drawing, trace its outline gel pen, marker or markers, and then fill in the font color.
The next step is to choose a suitable location for your wild graffiti.Typically, the master painted on stone parapets, construction sites, garages walls, bridge abutments.Do not forget that for damaging private or public property you may be held criminally liable.
Before applying the pattern, prepare the wall and put on it a special primer.So the paint will go to you will be smoother and easier to draw.In another section of the wall or on a sheet of plywood be trained to use a balloon with the paint.Look how it turns out the line, if you hold the balloon close to the surface, and which - if you take a little hand with the bottle.Try different nozzle.Good design can only get in if you think in advance and work out all the details.