Small Hawaiian Rose - a perennial climbing plant that is often confused with sage-predictor.Rose seeds have pronounced hallucinogenic properties that have been opened recently.This plant can be found all over the world, but mostly in Hawaii.Locals, it is appreciated for its relaxing effect and are used instead of alcohol.

There is speculation that the seeds of this plant were used by the ancient Indians in their rituals, along with other plants, even a century ago, Rosa helped into a trance and make predictions.But while such properties of these seeds have been studied by scientists rose recently.

Hawaiian Rose has the highest concentration of psychotropic substances from all the plants of his family, but on these properties, learned only in 1960.

Psychedelic Rose

Fame psychedelic properties of the
seeds received due to its widespread use in Hawaii.In Haiti and Puerto Rico were used as an inexpensive form of drugs and they serve as the main alternative to alcohol.Albert Hofmann, discoverer of LSD a professor soon became interested in the seeds of this plant, and get a sample confirmed their hallucinogenic properties, studying the chemical composition.

Seeds Hawaiian rose contain ergot alkaloids.They are toxic compounds, whose action is dependent on the degree of concentration.Sometimes they are used for medical purposes.Small amounts of seeds and prepared from a mixture of these are used as drug lysergic acid - it is the main component for the synthesis of a plurality of drugs, these seeds contain a fairly large number of its amides.

Non-toxic hallucinogen

should be noted that you can buy a rose in gardening store, it can often be found in the garden plots.Seeds Hawaiian roses differ in their dimensions from the seeds of other members of the family.For psychedelic effect requires only a few grains are dried and pulverized in a special way.Due to the large seeds of Hawaiian Rose has the most intense gallyutsenogennymi properties, but it has very low toxicity.

Seeds of selected plants are deprived of hallucinogenic properties.
applied in small quantities seeds Hawaiian roses do not cause strong psychedelic effects and pronounced side effects, are used to achieve a soft euphoria or raising libido.However, large doses of the seeds of the plant may cause various disorders and severe hallucinations, their effect is similar to the LSD, although typically is not as strong.